The Only Constant in Life is Change


As a VAR (Value-Added Reseller) that we provide from Hardware, Services, Communications, among other elements of Technology, we also offer services that enrich our offer and that distinguish us.


By way of example, we can mention;

  • Planning, IT Solutions Design.

  • Onsite Technical Support, Telephone.

  • Relocation of Computer Centers.

  • Gradual Infrastructure Supply.

  • Help Desk.

  • Financing, Leasing.

  • Rent for Computer Equipment Event.

  • Sale of Semi-New Computer Equipment.

  • Civil Work in Sites.

  • Air Conditioning Sites.

  • Guarantee Process

Many businesses in Mexico rely on our extensive portfolio of Technology Services and Solutions. Thanks to our more than 22 years in the technology industry and a broad base of Engineers and Technicians. Conexis de México has without a doubt all the infrastructure, knowledge and experience to support in any need that our customers require.

  • Cloud Services.

  • Managed IT Services.

  • Consulting and Projects.

  • Application Services.

With Conexis de México, you can always expect the highest level of commitment and corporate attention. "Customer Service & Cutting-Edge Services"

Supported at all times by our corporate located in Houston TX USA.